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To our Beloved Friends and Valued Customers,

After nearly 20 years of crafting self-watering pots for African Violets, we will be retiring from LJ Accents.  It has been increasingly difficult to find reliable and sustainable resources to continue serving the needs of those who have so faithfully helped to keep the dream alive and so patiently waited the arrival of their orders.  As they say, all good things must come to an end, and our time has come.  We will fill the orders that are currently on the backlog, but we will not be accepting new orders.  Thank you for all of the great years you have given us.  We have enjoyed being able to accent your homes and offices with a little bit of old fashioned, hand crafted ceramics made with love.
Lee and Jerry
Phone: 208-777-8238

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Hand Crafted

Self Watering Pots for African Violets

Welcome to the home of lj accents. We have taken the tradition of self watering pots to new heights with carefully hand crafted pots in a diverse array of colors, combinations and styles. Browse through our creations and see for yourself why our customers say "there's just too many to choose from". We are sure you will find something that suits your taste, and your plants will love you for it.

violet pots

3 sizes, 2 styles & all the colors of the rainbow

Visit our product pages to see the wide variety of colors and sizes that are available. Whether you prefer the traditional ruffled rim pots, or the sleek smooth rimmed contemporary style, we have just the pot for you. The dimensions of the pots indicates the diameter of the largest part of the planting area. The inserts are tapered slightly making the bottom of the insert a little smaller than the top. The 3 available sizes are:

3" — The perfect size for a miniature, semi-miniature or young violet. This pot will also work great for starting violets from leaves. The diameter of the top of the insert is 3".

4" — This size is perfect for planting a violet that is in a 4" plastic pot. Violets purchased at garden stores, grocery stores or florist shops are likely in a 4" pot. Do not worry that the violet pot is the same size as the plastic pot, as it is not unusual for violets to become 3 to 4 times the diameter of the pot they are in. This pot, measuring 4" across the top of the insert will accommodate a violet that is as much as 12 to 14 inches across before you will want to consider either trimming it back or moving it to a larger pot. For more information on when to repot a violet, see our page that is All About African Violets .

5" — The largest of the pots we make, this size is excellent for a large standard variety of violet that is mature and well established. Do not plant a violet in this pot that is too small. The plant will concentrate most of it's energy into growing roots, and less into blooming. Remember that violets like to be slightly root bound. They best blooming will occur after the fine hair-like roots of the violet begin to touch the sides of their container. The top of the insert measures 5" across.

Though these self watering pots are ideal for african violets, any moisture loving plant will thrive with the consistent amount of moisture and nutrient provided directly to the roots of the plant. Try a shamrock, a begonia or another favorite.

Ordering From Us

We keep our most popular items in stock, but many of the variations must be made. Generally, non-stock items can ship within 2 to 3 weeks. Payment can be made by credit card or PayPal. Just select the "PayPal" option at checkout and you will be redirected to a secure payment site to complete the transaction. We will contact you within 48 hours with an expected ship date.

What are self watering pots?

These plant containers are molded from liquid ceramic slip in two pieces, cleaned to remove mold marks and defects, fired to ceramic bisque, then glazed and fired again to a glossy colorful surface finish. The base is completely sealed by glaze to hold water and fertilizer. The insert is glazed leaving a portion of the sides and bottom as raw bisque. The unglazed portion is a pourous ceramic that allows moisture to "weep" or "wick" through without the need for drilling a hole. This wicking action delivers a consistent amount of moisture directly to the roots of the plant - just where it needs it most.

Why use self watering pots?

African Violets and other tropical plants prefer to live in a moist environment. Picture the jungles of Tanzania and Kenya where they grow wild under the protective canopy of giant trees. The moisture levels are constant, and the natural light is filtered by the towering giants overhead. Like their wild cousins, domesticated varieties of african violets share the preference for a moist, warm and sheltered environment.

Self watering violet pots provide the ability to keep the roots of the plant at a consistent moisture level by allowing the water to "wick" through the porous bisque at the bottom of the insert . Just keep the reservoir filled with a water and fertilizer mixture above the unglazed portion of the insert, and the plant will feed and water itself. Most reservoirs will need to be filled about once a week or less. The rate the plant will absorb moisture depends a great deal on it's size and how developed the root structure is.

By wicking through the unglazed bisque, the water and nutrients are delivered at the roots of the plant where they are most needed. Another benefit of this wicking action is that the roots will be encouraged to grow toward the source of the moisture. The faster their fine, hair-like roots reach the sides of their container, the sooner they will burst into bloom.

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